Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Temporary Plans

Waking on a Sunday morning
The feeling suddenly returns
Of a time when there was happiness
In a love that you still yearn
Days of gold now faded
Leave loneliness behind
Tears are never dried
Not even by the spring sunshine

Then slowly as a flower
You open to a new
And realize that summer
Is on its way for you
And once again the days
Of holding hands and long warm nights
Leave behind the memories
Of a love lost in flight

Here’s to the hopes that this one
Is the one that comes to last
So that the lonely Sundays
Are boxed away in the past
If not then not to worry
Enjoy it while you can
There’s something special even
In temporary plans.

Not Goodbye...See you Later

You still hold that glow
That magic glow
When you smile it shows
And for all the reasons that I fell
Your eyes tell me so
A look from you helps me to realise
That you are still the one
The chapter has closed but I’d like to believe
That our story has just begun

And I miss the laughter and the tears
That gave me a reason to hold you near
Now all I can do is comfort you from afar
As long as you know that wherever you are
My heart holds true to the promises it made
And the love that it feels will never fade

More than friends less than lovers
From now on we must be
Despite the fact I still dream you and me
And if I close my eyes and take the time
I smell your perfume as if you were by my side
So don’t think for a minute that I have let go
I have tried but my heart holds on to you so
I continue each day as if my life goes on
Still waters run deep and hide love that stays strong

So as we both now begin new chapters of our story
Let’s remember the pain and the glory
And the comfort that brought us both to each other
The passion we felt deep within one another
These words don’t do justice to how I really feel
Not even in heaven would my love be this real
So remember these words when you are lost and alone
In my heart is a place you can forever call home.

My Love is with You

Sometimes I close my eyes
And travel to a place
Where melancholy melodies
Fill the air and tame the space

And there I stay fulfilling dreams
That perhaps were once true
And sometimes I close my eyes
And my love is with you

Once I knew what comfort was
Within your arms and in your eyes
Now to find that sacred place
I search deep so deep inside

And memories that gave me hope
Return for a while at least
For a moment heaven is in view
And my love is with you

Dreams are dreams and stay that way
Life is touched for just a day
And all that we promised to be
We struggle now simply to see

Yet within the doubts and fears
Of rekindling all the worth
Comes the thought of nothing new
My love will always be with you